Monday, June 29, 2009

Papaya Smoothie

Papayas are in season and my mum passed me some mini-papayas. What better way to enjoy it than with some papaya-soy milk smoothie :) I realised that papaya has a custard like tendency which is giving me some ideas on new desserts...  :D


Anonymous said...

Smoothie is yummy anytime of the day :-q

The most memorable papaya I had was during a trip to Malaysia when I was a kid... Had a breakfast set that began with a slice of papaya with lime juice sprinkled over it... mmmmmemories...!


Cookie said...

Hi Halimah,

What have you been? I can't wait for your new post!

BTW, I have an award for you. Pls pick up from


Halimah said...

Hi Cookie!

Sorry I have not been doing much uploading lately... just super swarmed with work :( I feel sad though, I have to find the time to do some uploading, have a backlog of pics!

NoMeatAthlete said...

Interesting, and what a beautiful photo. I don't know if I've ever had papaya, because the custardy-ness sounds new to me. I've been making mango-jalapeno smoothies (they say papaya can substitute) and I love them!