Thursday, July 30, 2009

The 112 Cake

Vegan Moch Cake made with Vietnamese Coffee

Initially when I started baking, I was thinking of it as a business but now I see beyond it. I realise that baking vegan cakes is a service to not only the community but also to promote a cruelty-free lifestyle. My baking journey has evolved into a hobby because the amount of time I spent baking and decorating and cleaning up can easily earn me more if I were to give tuition outside. I still do it because many times I realize there are not much options available for vegans. I have spend baking into the wee hours of the night because of clients telling me that they have no other alternatives. Many times I bake free cakes for friends and events knowing that my efforts will be appreciated by this wonderful community. In particular, I was blessed with the opportunity to bake cakes for great people like Teresa Hsu who celebrated her 112 birthday this July. I suppose this is the icing on my cake :) 

Lunchbox #03 - Sushi Rolls

I think a lot of you can empathize when I say we should have been born Japanese. We love the food, the technology and their quirky culture! This was my maiden effort in making sushi rolls. The first roll I did ended up with a thick layer of rice, so for the second roll I added less rice and more ingredients - basically teriyaki tofu, carrots and cucumbers with a serving of a veg salad. It was delicious but I think  a squirt of vegan mayo would have added the additional twist to it. I omitted it since I was trying to keep it as fat free as possible!

Vegan Watercress Soup

I have to apologise for the long absence. I've been having a particularly busy and tiring July. I have gone back to teaching for this term to help out with a cousin whose on leave. Unfortunately, though I'm just teaching temporarily, the hours are long, leaving me feeling so drained in the evenings. Added to that I've been busy handling a few other projects as well

I have been cooking and this time I've been writing down notes but unfortunately, I've forgotten where I placed them. This particular dish is simply boiled potatoes, garlic and watercress pureed upon cooking to achieve this emerald green and nutritious soup. It can be seasoned with salt, stock, pepper. 

Thanks Cookie for encouraging me to post again! :D