Thursday, July 30, 2009

The 112 Cake

Vegan Moch Cake made with Vietnamese Coffee

Initially when I started baking, I was thinking of it as a business but now I see beyond it. I realise that baking vegan cakes is a service to not only the community but also to promote a cruelty-free lifestyle. My baking journey has evolved into a hobby because the amount of time I spent baking and decorating and cleaning up can easily earn me more if I were to give tuition outside. I still do it because many times I realize there are not much options available for vegans. I have spend baking into the wee hours of the night because of clients telling me that they have no other alternatives. Many times I bake free cakes for friends and events knowing that my efforts will be appreciated by this wonderful community. In particular, I was blessed with the opportunity to bake cakes for great people like Teresa Hsu who celebrated her 112 birthday this July. I suppose this is the icing on my cake :) 


Jamie Walker said...

These look amazing! YUM!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure every single one in the audience that night was dying to have a closer look at Teresa Hsu's cake and to taste it... I knew we couldn't cut it in the event hall, but kept imagining what it'd taste like ;-q

And WOW... Vietnamese coffee... images of the drip coffee is like elixir intravenously flowing into the veins!