Saturday, October 25, 2008

ST Interview - Thank you Pauline!

I'm gonna be featured on the Straits Times tomorrow on their series of home cooks. When I first saw the feature I was thinking it will feature mature folks with lots of experience in cooking. Apparently, the journalist working on this series contacted VSS who then contacted Pauline who put them through to me! Of cos' initially I was a bit worried because I dun have a fixed recipe for anything and on top of that I don't believe I have the experience of the 'full blown' cooks. 
However, I was game for it because it will be a good way to spread vegetarianism. Later on I found out that from the journalist that they decided to feature something vegetarian because there has been many requests from readers to feature more vegetarian stuff! (The letters are working!) Plus they have not featured any Indian dishes so far, so decided to do an Indian vegetarian dish. So, I suppose it just worked out fine for me :) Here are some pics of the interview and photo shoot. Look out for it in the Sunday Plus!

That's me and the journalist! Finally I reveal myself!
The ST photographer who got me very excited over his big and powerful camera!
In my petite kitchen. Had to demonstrate some steps for the photo shoot.
The final product! Vegan Briyani

Apples 'N' Berries Birthday Cake.

This is another recent order for a 1/2 kg birthday cake. The flavour requested was blueberries and apples. So I did a vanilla cake with blueberries and added minced fresh apples in between the layers.  Personally, I wish I could have done a better job with the frosting design. Still some way to go to improve my skills.

Assorted Cupcakes - My first Order!

Made these vegan cupcakes for a friend for Hari Raya. The flavours were:

Coconut Cupcakes with Lime Frosting
Chocolate-Peanut Butter with Chocolate Ganache
Classic Chocolate Cupcakes

Choc-Vanilla Sundae Cupcakes

My first attempt at marble cupcake with choc-vanilla frosting. Made a batch for my friends from VSS. Turned out a little too sweet but we learn as we go :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

My first attempt at Quinoa and Portobello Mushroom

I have no idea how to cook both and my packet of Quinoa was sitting in my fridge for some time. So out of sheer boredom, I cooked it with some vege and mock meat! The quinoa was very pretty when it is cooked. I screwed up the Portobello and it got a bit charred on the griddle! 

Spicy Soupy Noodles

I would like to think this is one of the best soupy noodles I have made. Usually when I cook, it starts with a craving - an end product that I want to taste. This particular time I was wanting sometime spicy and pungent. My usual soups are more bland, the flavouring coming from the vegetables. This time I ground some dried chilli and garlic together and used it as the base. You can see the flakes of chilli in the soup. It was really delicious! 

I don't know what they call these noodles, but I was looking for something like wanton noodles and I realised they all contain egg! Argh! Fortunately, I found these noodles, but it is quite pricy. Well, if this is the price I have to pay to be vegetarian, I will gladly do so!

Lunch Box #03 - Rice with Rasam, Masala Potatoes n Tumeric Lentil Cabbage

Sorry not a pretty picture but it tasted darn good! My mum made this for me to bring to work and it was super awesome. My favourite rasam (sort of a spicy Indian soup made from tamarind, lots of pepper and some spices) and masala potatoes and cabbage cooked with lentils and turmeric. Too bad my parents left last night to India! The next three months, I gotta make my own meals!

Who says vegans can't have parmesan?

Who says vegan can't enjoy parm... With nutritional yeast, a lot of things are possible. I know this picture looks quite ugly but I took it at night and I was pretty darn tired! Anyway, this is basically two parts cashew nuts and one part nutritional yeast with a pinch of salt blended in a food processor. It is really yummy and tastes exactly like Parm!

Fat Free Vegan Brownie!

Believe it! This is a 100% fat free vegan brownie made with applesauce instead of fats. The texture was acceptable for the fact that these are fat free but it is not fudgey. It is more cake like but pretty nice to eat. Hubby and I ate the whole pan and it was sooo sinless! Got the recipe from here.