Saturday, June 14, 2008

What I ate the day before I went back to work!

I was suppose to go back to work on Thursday, so on Tuesday I headed out to Vivo City to do some clothes shopping. While waiting for hubby to pick me up, I headed to Naturally Yours Market Place. I was pleased because I saw that they had Earth Balance (even though it cost a bomb), soy yoghurt (at about $3 plus) and.... and...Tofutti! And, I was even more excited when I saw that it was at clearance! Of course, I only had two days to polish off 12 slices of 'cheese' but at $2 a pack it was irresistible(Normally it is at about $11 plus). I bought two packs. I have finished one of but another one is still seating in my fridge. Taste wise, it is like cheese but it doesn't melt like the way cheese does.

I also popped by Giant at Vivo City while waiting for hubby and it was good, because they were having a fantastic promotion for green vege - 2 packs at 69 cents! So, I picked 2 packs of spinach and 2 packs of chye sim (I think). I also bought a pack of Pita bread. So, on Wednesday, it seemed like the stars had aligned for a stuff pita bread lunch. I also wanted some additional vegetables, I made a vegan spinach soup. Very tasty but hubby was a bit put off by the colour! But, I loved it and drank the whole pot up by dinner time! Loved it and I'm glad that I'm a vegetarian because it means I stop eating a lot of convenience processed food that I normally depend on to perk up my food like disgusting chicken franks, chicken nuggets etc... Since I don't quite like mock meat, my intake of processed food has really diminished alot! 

How many ways to cook you, my love?

I love pasta! I can eat it every day with a tomato base. It is tangy, rich and savoury that never fails to leave me satiated and strangely craving for more. So, I had a bundle of spaghetti at home and I decided to put it into some good use. Since, I was cooking for two, I decided to use half of it. Using a can of premade pasta sauce as a base, I just piled on some fresh vegetables like carrots, green pepper, mushrooms and tomatoes. And the remaining pasta sauce, after serving out with the spaghetti, was licked clean by yours truly!

The remaining half of the bundle, was put to good use for dinner tonight. Knowing that hubby wouldn't want to eat it as tomato based spaghetti, I decided to make asian styled stir fried spaghetti. It helped that I had no noodles at home and I didn't want to use instant noodles again. So, again an interesting yet delicious creation was born today and with equal haste devoured! The only mistake I made (which I tend to do) is to cook the vegetables a bit too long as I was waiting for the spaghetti to cook. I really need to make a mental note to not cook the vegetables too much!

Fried Carrot Cake (Part 2)

Hubby has always loved fried carrot cake. His favourite is the savoury white version without the black sauce. However, as much as he liked it, he hated paying exorbitant prices for it at food courts. So, when we actually managed to find the pre-prepared carrot cake in Seng Siong, we fell head our heels in love with it and gosh, it was so simple to prepare. Some garlic, chilli, belachan, fish sauce, egg, carrot cake and spring onion. Of cos' after becoming vegetarians, we had to throw this whole carrot cake out... until I spied crystal and a few others talking about it on their blogs. So I decided, I'll do it without the egg and all and the verdict... we are pleased with the results! It tastes really good and we don't miss the egg... The only thing I do not like about it is the low nutritional value in fried carrot cake.. unless you consider carbohydrates to be sufficient!

10 days since the last post! (Part 1)

It's been two days since I got back to work but I had been stricken with the flu the past week. Been drugging myself with medication and feeling grumpy. So, there has been not much posts. I looked back at some of the pics and realised that I actually made some stuff after the holiday and I hadn't had the time to post them. 

I had a pumpkin seating in the fridge. I once ate a delicious stir fried pumpkin with grated coconut at one of my friend's place many years ago and since then I always loved my pumpkin that way. Together with a tsp of meat curry powder and a stick of cinnamon, it tastes really heavenly. However, I did not have any coconut at home, so I decided to make it a little wet so that I can use it as a curry for my rice. I also bought a bittergourd on a whim, so I decided to stir fry it with soft tofu, something to mimick the egg and tofu dish we usually find. To make it more palatable to my hubby who dislikes rice, I made some fried tofu. Very simple and very delicious. Just some chilli paste or chilli powder and salt. Let it marinate as long as you like and fry. Yummy even as a snack! And for me, no meal is complete without some nice greens.... I'm not familiar with the names of green leafy vegetables, I just choose those on promotion and cook it. This one had just three ingredients - lots of chopped garlic sauted in oil and oyster sauce for taste. Simple and quick!

Pumpkin Curry

Bitter gourd and tofu
Fried Tofu and Tempeh

Stir fried Greens

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Some Western Food

I'm back from my Bintan trip but I'm battling a flu and sore throat. So, I haven't really been able to cook much the past few days. These were made before I left for the holiday. I was tired of making the usual noodle or rice dishes so I decided to do some Western food. Since we stocked up on groceries, I did a simple spinach stir fry, steamed a corn, made some (lumpy) mashed potatoes and did a mock mutton stir fry with cashew nuts. It was really delicious and we gobbled it up!
I also had the opportunity to make my 1st lentil burgers. It turned out pretty good but I did not realise how filling it would be. So the patties were rather thick and both me n hubby had a hard time finishing it off! Blah! If I were to make it again, I possibly will reduce the amount of lentils and make a thinner and crispier burger patty.