Saturday, June 14, 2008

How many ways to cook you, my love?

I love pasta! I can eat it every day with a tomato base. It is tangy, rich and savoury that never fails to leave me satiated and strangely craving for more. So, I had a bundle of spaghetti at home and I decided to put it into some good use. Since, I was cooking for two, I decided to use half of it. Using a can of premade pasta sauce as a base, I just piled on some fresh vegetables like carrots, green pepper, mushrooms and tomatoes. And the remaining pasta sauce, after serving out with the spaghetti, was licked clean by yours truly!

The remaining half of the bundle, was put to good use for dinner tonight. Knowing that hubby wouldn't want to eat it as tomato based spaghetti, I decided to make asian styled stir fried spaghetti. It helped that I had no noodles at home and I didn't want to use instant noodles again. So, again an interesting yet delicious creation was born today and with equal haste devoured! The only mistake I made (which I tend to do) is to cook the vegetables a bit too long as I was waiting for the spaghetti to cook. I really need to make a mental note to not cook the vegetables too much!

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