Wednesday, September 23, 2009

VegVibe September Issue is Out!

Hey peeps, the September issue is out and features a very good friend and yoga master, Bala :) Hope you'll enjoy other articles in it as well. You can download it for free at 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mango Cake

Managed to make a real mangoish cake because they were in season. Was playing around with my new prime lens :D

Chocolate Cakes

Soccer Themed Cake Part 2

Previously, I had an order for soccer themed cupcakes. This time round the mother wanted me to make a cake for her younger son. She wanted a simple soccer theme cake and hence I decided to go with this 'soccer ball in front of a goal post' look. I liked the way the cake turned out. It was quite a cute looking cake. :)

One of my favourite cakes

I made this cake for a very special and dear friend who wanted something as fruity as possible. I made a chocolate cake and stuffed it with mango and kiwis and topped the cake off with strawberries, mango and more kiwi. I actually bought more fruits but could not add them in. I wanted to create the idea of a fruit basket, hence the basket weave. Was tedious to do but wanted to make something special for my friend. I liked the colour combination of the cake in the end :)

Tried making some mango roses by slicing them thinly and rolling them up

Simple Mocha and Blackforest Cake

These are some simple cakes I made for two lovely ladies :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back with lots of updating!

I've been out of action for such a long long time! Partly due to work and partly due to the fasting month, I hardly feel up to do updating my blog. I also realised I have a more cake pics than food due to the fact that during the fasting month I rely heavily on my mum to feed me! haha!

This is some simple bowtie pasta that I decided to make into an Asian style soup rather than the typical tomato sauce drenched version.  I also like this version as I can add as much vegetables I like and it all enhances the soup base. I topped it with some fried shallots for an interesting taste.
I happen to chance upon some mock beef balls at the Friendly Vegetarian Supplier. The shop assistant recommended that we try it as he professed that it tastes rather authentic. We purchased it and Wow! Though it has been over eight years since I last ate beef, I think it does taste meaty and I made some noodles with it. It lends a very interesting taste and texture element :)