Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One of my favourite cakes

I made this cake for a very special and dear friend who wanted something as fruity as possible. I made a chocolate cake and stuffed it with mango and kiwis and topped the cake off with strawberries, mango and more kiwi. I actually bought more fruits but could not add them in. I wanted to create the idea of a fruit basket, hence the basket weave. Was tedious to do but wanted to make something special for my friend. I liked the colour combination of the cake in the end :)

Tried making some mango roses by slicing them thinly and rolling them up


Anonymous said...


Thank you so much again Hali, it was Ramadan for you and I made you work extra hard when you should be conserving your energy :-*

Even the non-veg at the party enquired about it!

Always grateful,

Vennila said...

It's absolutely Beautiful! Love it!
Well done Halimah.

Cookie said...

Glad to see you back!

you must have taken so much pain to pipe the weave!

I like them!!!