Saturday, June 14, 2008

What I ate the day before I went back to work!

I was suppose to go back to work on Thursday, so on Tuesday I headed out to Vivo City to do some clothes shopping. While waiting for hubby to pick me up, I headed to Naturally Yours Market Place. I was pleased because I saw that they had Earth Balance (even though it cost a bomb), soy yoghurt (at about $3 plus) and.... and...Tofutti! And, I was even more excited when I saw that it was at clearance! Of course, I only had two days to polish off 12 slices of 'cheese' but at $2 a pack it was irresistible(Normally it is at about $11 plus). I bought two packs. I have finished one of but another one is still seating in my fridge. Taste wise, it is like cheese but it doesn't melt like the way cheese does.

I also popped by Giant at Vivo City while waiting for hubby and it was good, because they were having a fantastic promotion for green vege - 2 packs at 69 cents! So, I picked 2 packs of spinach and 2 packs of chye sim (I think). I also bought a pack of Pita bread. So, on Wednesday, it seemed like the stars had aligned for a stuff pita bread lunch. I also wanted some additional vegetables, I made a vegan spinach soup. Very tasty but hubby was a bit put off by the colour! But, I loved it and drank the whole pot up by dinner time! Loved it and I'm glad that I'm a vegetarian because it means I stop eating a lot of convenience processed food that I normally depend on to perk up my food like disgusting chicken franks, chicken nuggets etc... Since I don't quite like mock meat, my intake of processed food has really diminished alot! 

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