Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fried Carrot Cake (Part 2)

Hubby has always loved fried carrot cake. His favourite is the savoury white version without the black sauce. However, as much as he liked it, he hated paying exorbitant prices for it at food courts. So, when we actually managed to find the pre-prepared carrot cake in Seng Siong, we fell head our heels in love with it and gosh, it was so simple to prepare. Some garlic, chilli, belachan, fish sauce, egg, carrot cake and spring onion. Of cos' after becoming vegetarians, we had to throw this whole carrot cake out... until I spied crystal and a few others talking about it on their blogs. So I decided, I'll do it without the egg and all and the verdict... we are pleased with the results! It tastes really good and we don't miss the egg... The only thing I do not like about it is the low nutritional value in fried carrot cake.. unless you consider carbohydrates to be sufficient!

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