Saturday, October 25, 2008

ST Interview - Thank you Pauline!

I'm gonna be featured on the Straits Times tomorrow on their series of home cooks. When I first saw the feature I was thinking it will feature mature folks with lots of experience in cooking. Apparently, the journalist working on this series contacted VSS who then contacted Pauline who put them through to me! Of cos' initially I was a bit worried because I dun have a fixed recipe for anything and on top of that I don't believe I have the experience of the 'full blown' cooks. 
However, I was game for it because it will be a good way to spread vegetarianism. Later on I found out that from the journalist that they decided to feature something vegetarian because there has been many requests from readers to feature more vegetarian stuff! (The letters are working!) Plus they have not featured any Indian dishes so far, so decided to do an Indian vegetarian dish. So, I suppose it just worked out fine for me :) Here are some pics of the interview and photo shoot. Look out for it in the Sunday Plus!

That's me and the journalist! Finally I reveal myself!
The ST photographer who got me very excited over his big and powerful camera!
In my petite kitchen. Had to demonstrate some steps for the photo shoot.
The final product! Vegan Briyani


gina said...

halimah, how did u manage to take a top down photo? Someone at home stood on a chair? :) Cool..I am going to try your vegan briyani soon. For my MIL, she's vegetarian too. thanks dear.

Anonymous said...

We are all so proud of you and your vegan mutton briyani! :)


Edanator said...

This is great, Halimah! I hope you saved the article.

Halimah said...

Hi Gina,

Yes, my hubby took the top down photo but he did not stand on a chair. Our digi camera has the swirl LCD so he just raised his hands and twisted the LCD screen accordingly!

Baby Cat and Eda, thanks a lot for the support!

Joe Goh said...

The pictures on the ST article does no justice to your food! The pictures on your blog are 10x better than the ones they had on ST. :-)

I hope everyone who's read the article and got intrigued find their way to your blog. Hmm, can't remember, did they include the URL to your blog in the article?

Veggie Bun said...

your kitchen looks spacious.. no wonder u can put a large oven there! :)

Btw, is that black marble top? does it get scratched?

Halimah said...

Hi Joe, unfortunately no, there was no link to the blog. But it's alright, I believe the objective was to spread the word of vegetarianism.

Veggiebun, my kitchen is tiny, it just looks big because I hacked away the walls. I have black granite. It doesn't scratch and it looks nice but I wish I went for something lighter in colour so that I will be able to see dirt easier. :)