Thursday, April 3, 2008

Eggless Double Choc Chip C.Cake Goodie

Yesterday was the last lesson with my tutor before the upcoming exams... So, I decided to bake him something as a show of appreciation.... I scouted around and found a nice recipe at Kitchen Capers posted by a very nice lady for an eggless double chocolate chip cupcake. So, I decided to try it... It turned out good... and after a very long time, I actually played around with frosting and the cake looked really pretty! I also got a recipe for caramel drizzle... and the yellow stuff you see there is a buttery caramel drizzle with a light tapping of coco powder on top! I'm really happy with the pics!


Eunice said...

oooohhh I'm so excited to see someone else following that recipe!!! It's a lovely concoction aye ;) I actually added icing sugar to make it thicker for piping - I'd added more notes on my blog.

It looks LOVELY!!

Halimah said...

Thanks E for your recipe.. Wanted to use the exact recipe from you but was not sure if my tutor has any egg allergies.. So decided to play it safe... I will definitely be trying yours too!