Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Shagadelic Marble Cake

Lately, I have been itching to bake... I think it could be partly due to the exam stress or something but I just can't get it out of my system... Last night, I finally decided to give in to my craving and since Hubby had been wanting one of the proper cakes again... I decided to do the  ubiquitous marble cake. By the time I found a recipe that allowed me to work with the ingredients at home, it was already pushing to 1 a.m.! So, I decided to  bake it in the morning... but what a torture... the anticipation and excitement of baking the cake... could not get a good sleep at all...

So, finally, I did it in the morning... Went a little crazy with the colours... hence the name... shagadelic Marble cake... reminisce of the hippie days.... I should not be saying this... but... I just loved the beautiful swirly design and the cake was really delicious....yum yum!


KWF said...

Halimah, perfect cake there you've got. Great job! What temperature did you bake it at and for how long?

Eunice said...

halimah, that's a dandy cake right there! great job!

and i totally identify with the baking as a de-stresser, do it all the time ;)

take care!

Halimah said...

hello KWF,

I baked it at 180 degree Celsius for about 45 mins

But I keep playing with the top and bottom heat to make sure I did not burn it!

Eunice said...

halimah, i've tagged you by the way! hope you don't mind, and can do it when you're destressin! ;)

with a pinch of love said...

wow.. this has got to be the closest thing to a beautiful marble cake i've seen online!! great job! i would LOVE the recipe for this if u're willing to share? ( if not, then thats ok i understand.. good job again!

Halimah said...

Hi Nadirah,

Sure no worries, we all learn from each other. The recipe is a basic butter cake. I just added the colours.

This is the recipe:

250g butter
250g sugar -u can reduce it if to 200g if you find it too sweet
4 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
250g self-raising flour
4 tbsp milk

Beat butter and sugar until light.
Add egg a little at a time to prevent curdling. Beat until light and fluffy.
Add vanilla.
Add the flour (sifted) and the milk.
Divide the batter equally into the number of colours you want. I think I divided into four. I added a little red to make pink, a little green, a bit of cocoa powder mixed with hot water and one was left plain.
Pour into a lined pan (I used 9 inch round pan) and bake at 180 degrees for about 45 mins until done.

with a pinch of love said...

very cool! is there any particular order of which colors go on in first or method of making such even patterns! =]

Halimah said...

Hey thanks for pointing that out! Forgot to add it in.

Actually, there are many ways to do marble design. But after trial and error I follow the zebra cake design.

Which is basically, put on scoop of plain batter in the centre of the pan. Add another scoop of choc on top of the plain batter. Then the red and the green and back to the plain one. Continue scooping colours ON TOP of each other. Slowly the batter will spread out and fill the pan. (so don't be stress if in the beginning it looks like it will not be even). DO NOT disturb the mixture. Just scoop batter on top of each other.

How much to scoop each time depends on you. If you want a very tight strip design you can put small scoops of each batter. If you want a spaced out effect, put large scoops of the batter. Also, the colour arrangement is up to you. You can do two colours or multi colours... or anything that you like.