Thursday, April 3, 2008

What happens when you can't go JB to have your fave seafood thanks to Mas Selamat?

Everyone knows how bad the traffic situation at the Causeway been, thanks to the complacency of some officers... 
So, going to M'sia for Hubby and me right now is kinda like out of the question... But, then I have been craving for some good seafood and we usually go to Pantai Lido in JB for cheap seafood... So, what do you do when you can't get cheap seafood... You cook it yourself!
But then there is a downside, cos Hubby is no seafood lover, unlike me, so I had to enlist the help of my brother to make it worthwhile to cook seafood... So, after a tiring Saturday of tuition, I came back to cook dinner.. but by the time I started cooking was already about 7p.m. and we only ate at about 9 p.m. So, I decided against taking any pictures cos' we were all hungry and I was really bushed!
However, hubby snapped some pictures... and unfortunately, it was just snapped without much thought of composing the pictures.. I'm ashamed to post them here... but... I think I should share the good and the ugly too! hahaha

Stir-Fried Vege with Belachan and Oyster Sauce

Mixed Vege Fried Rice

Sambal Prawns - Pretty Ugly Picture

Cockles - The Enticement for my brother!

I can safely that we were all quite happy with the dinner... The only complain was that there was insufficient cockles... my only complain was that I didn't have time to do fish and I also wanted some mussels... Well, like my brother says... there is always a next time... Of cos' I miss my younger bro the most! Would be fun if he was around to join in the feast... Well, he'll be back in June.. So, can arrange for another makan session! hahaha

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