Friday, August 22, 2008

The Elusive Dragon Horse...

So my pals at the VSS forum were talking about buying natural nuts and dried fruits. So babycat mentioned that there is a shop in Albert Centre Temporary Market which sells a wide variety of nuts and dried food items though not organic. However, the shop has a chinese name and hence I was wondering how to look for it. So, babycat described their logo to be like a cross between a dragon and a horse and I was wondering if that made it any easier. 

So anyway, armed with this information and the unit no. (which I have promptly forgotten.. if you want it, please visit the VSS forum :P) my hubby and I went down last Saturday to look for it. Fortunately, they own a row of shops and it was a breeze to locate them. So, I bought a lot of stuff in small quantities and blew $15. It's not that much cheaper than buying outside but you will get a better deal if you buy by the kg. So, anyway, I bought dried figs, cranberries, guava, prunes, rose bud tea, chrysanthemum tea, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, macadamia and curried peas. It's good because I have taken to eating nuts at work instead of snacks to stay awake. I know nuts are high in fats but at least it is good fats :)

My Stash :)

The mythical dragon-horse. (This is for you Go-veg)

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