Friday, August 29, 2008

The Hor Fun Temptation....

I have always loved Hor Fun... The texture of the slippery soft rice noodles is somewhat hard to resist. Sometimes when I follow my colleagues out for lunch, they have seafood Hor Fun and I've been craving to recreate it in the vegetarian way. I made a trip to 'Shop N Save' and picked up a few vegetables including some oyster mushrooms to enhance the flavour of the noodles.

I was thinking that it will be a chore to cook, but it was one of the easiest noodle dishes I have ever made because there's not much stir frying involved! I made a simple stock of onions and garlics sautéed in sesame oil added perhaps 1/2 cup of water and used a vegetable stock cube to add to the flavour and to have a 'street food' taste aka MSG taste. I  also threw in some seaweed for the 'fishy' taste. Once I was satisfied with the boiling and steeping of the seaweed, I added the hard vegetables, like carrots, baby corns and the stems of the green vege. I also added the oyster mushrooms so that it will release its earthy aroma to the stock. After a quick boil, I dropped in the Hor Fun (washed please to remove the oil in it) with the remaining leafy vege and some shredded cabbage, let it boil and thickened it with some corn flour. Adjust the taste with some soya sauce and pepper and you are done! The key is to use vegetables that impart lots of flavour like corn, mushroom, carrots and cabbage. Vegan and tasty!

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