Friday, August 22, 2008

My first not so successful Vegan Pizza

I had some soy cheese seating in the fridge and I thought it was a good time to get down to using it. Since my hubby was craving for some pizza, I decided it was time to make my own vegan pizza. Pizza dough is not difficult to make and I got down to getting some dough kneaded for the pizza. Unfortunately, I didn't realise that my yeast had died because the dough didn't rise during proofing! Silly me should have ditched but since I didn't want to waste it, I decided to give it a go in the oven. Though I cooked the dough separately before putting the topping, the dough turned out thick and moist. Not the usual fluffy crusty dough that we like. Anyway, it was too late by then and we just had to eat our pan of pizza. My hubby thought it was still alright, but I couldn't quite accept it. Interestingly, the soy cheese melted nicely and it tasted pretty alrite. However, I can't seem to get our the fact that this is an artificially created substitute. I think when I get the time I'm gonna try the cashew cheese from the VSS forum.


Anonymous said...

Where do you get vegan cheese?

Halimah said...


I got my vegan cheese from Cold Storage at Jelita along Holland Road. It was called Soy Cheese.

There is another brand called Toffuti.