Friday, August 29, 2008

The marriage of two rice noodles..

After I made the Hor Fun, I still had a little bit of the noodles left. It was impossible to cook a meal for two with that. After rummaging through my kitchen cabinet, I came across some glass noodles. Its called Tang Hoon (as pointed out by Gina - she has a great website - kitchen capers). It was just two tiny bundles but I thought by incorporating both together and adding some veges with it, it will be good for the two of us.

So as usual, it was another stir fry dish, but instead of the usual, I decided to grind up some dried chilli and use it in the dish. It gave it a nice spiciness and also an earthy red to the noodles. If you notice, I 'recycled' the remaining vegetables into this dish - some corn, green vege, carrots and cabbage. It was good but I think the noodles absorbed a lot of the flavour, so it tasted a tiny bit bland. I ate it with some vegetarian belachan chilli, so that helped to offset the lack of flavour.


gina said...

sayang, its called Tang Hoon. Or sometimes known as Glass noodles because when its cooked, it look like glass. :)

Halimah said...

Hi Gina!

I'm so honoured to have you drop by my blog! Thank you for correcting me :)

theliberalvegan said...

This looks sooo good!