Friday, September 5, 2008

Another of Mum's Vegan Creations :)

I had been craving for some good old fashion mee siam with peanut gravy and I asked my mum to make me a vegetarian version. Of course she grumbled because traditionally it contains dried ikan billis and dried shrimps. Her concern was basically how its gonna taste if it was veganised.

Being the affectionate mother, she made it for me over the last week. She added more vege like bean sprouts, green vege and tofu. The sauce was peanut sauce - a bit sweet and spicy. I  had it for dinner and breakfast the next day :)

I don't have the recipe for this but if anyone needs it I can bug my mum for it!


Sean said...

Hi Halimah,
I enjoy reading ur blog which some of dishes look like yummy. Could I have ur mom's recipe? The flavor u describe is just what I like. Thanks!


Destiny's Vegan Kitchen said...

That looks amazing!

Halimah said...

Hi Sharon,

I checked with my mum, she gave me the list of ingredients she used and the how to but she couldn't give exact quantities.. She just went with her gut feeling.

Anyway, these are the ingredients:

1) Garlic
2) Shallots (small onions)
3) Chili paste (she makes her own from dried chili soaked in hot water and then ground with a tiny bit of salt and vinegar - u can go or the store bought ones)
4) Tamarind Juice (Assam paste)
5) Salted beans (comes in a bottle)
6) Sugar
7) Water
8) Crushed peanuts

1) Pound the garlic and slice the shallots. Saute them in some oil.
2) Once cooked, add some chili paste and fry until cooked. Add in as much water as you want (desired thickness)
3) Add some tamarind juice and bring to a boil.
4) Add the salted beans (she washes it and mashes it to remove excess saltiness)
5) Add crushed roasted peanuts to preference. If you want something thick and peanuts u can go for more. If not reduce the amount of peanuts.

For the mee siam itself, prepare it like u normally will, saute some onion, garlic and ginger paste. (Do not add any chili at all). Add in the vegetables that you want - beansprout, green vege etc.(Season lightly with some salt) Add some egg-yellow food coloring. Throw in the mee siam noodles and cook it through. Top it off with some fried beancurd.

I'm sorry I can't provide an exact recipe. I hope this helps.

Hsiaoping said...

Hi Halimah,
I wrote it down and would like to try in next few days. Some of ingredients are hard to find in supermarket like Tamarind juice, salted bean. Anyway thanks a lot!


Halimah said...

Hi Sharon,

Are you based in Singapore? It's quite easy to get tamarind here. You just have to get the tamarind (assam) and soak it in water to get the tamarind juice.

The salted soy beans is also called Tauco and is easily available in many provision shops here.

Good luck, I hope it works out for you!