Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chocolatey Cake and Mango B'day Cake

The start of January saw me make 2 birthday cakes. One for an 8 year old who has a penchant for the mango fruit and for a 48 yr old who loves chocolates. (Who doesn't?)

The mango cake is perhaps my first major attempt at doing extensive cake decorating. I wasn't quite pleased with the results for two reasons - one, the hot and humid temperature was wrecking havoc on the cream making it very hard to get the piping done and two, my skills sucks. So combine the two and despite trying for hours to put on a good cake, I was only 50% satisfied.

The 2nd cake, a chocolate ganache cake was something that I was much pleased with despite working with ganache for the first time. The instructions was to make it as chocolaty as possible. So , I baked two moist choc cakes, layered with chocolate cream and chilled it. After which, I poured a layer of good strong chocolate ganache and sprinkled flaked chocolate on top. I dripped some chocolate ganache on the side as well, to make it all that more irresistible!


Cookie said...

Please give me a piece of the choc cake *on bended knees*


Halimah said...

hahaha! Quite easy to do this cake and I believe u can do a better job as well!
I'm loving ur cakes :)

Virginie Péan said...

Your cakes are really increadible. I've just discovered your shop site and am glad to see how well your buisness is improving.