Sunday, January 18, 2009

Food Exchange

I met Virginie by chance when she came to Singapore. I was on my way back home from work when I bumped into Fred and his gf Virginie. I would have spoken to her about 5 to 10 mins at most but she is truly a remarkable person. We got to know each other better through email and we are in some sense kindred spirits. We share similar perspectives about life and food! Well, to cut the story short, as Fred was heading home for Christmas, we decided to do a food exchange of stuff that are hard to come by in our countries. So, I got her a whole bag of chinese herbs that she was interested in, some laksa leaves, kaffir lime leaves, torch ginger and other dried products. 

In return, she send me a lovely bag of things that I could not have imagined, especially gold dust! The picture shows only some of the things, there are others that are not quite visible there... but let just say this is going to give me hours of fun in the kitchen!

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Virginie Péan said...

I'm gad you liked the packet. I feared most of the things would turned bad once they arrived in Singapore because of temperature and humidity, but they seem to have kept well. The "whipped cream" packet isn't whipped cream powder but a powder you add to the cream, so when you whip it, the Chantilly stands a long time. You may have it in Singapore, I couldn't be sure. In France, it exists for only one year in its vegan and organic form.