Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Look What Came in the Mail....

I was suppose to have received this package sometime in November but only got it in February! It all started with my brother's suggestion of getting his friend from the US to bring the books to Singapore. His friend travels to S.E. Asia alot for work and we figured we could save quite a bit in shipping! 

So, after placing our orders, we waited for my brother's friend to finalize his business trip to Singapore. Unfortunately, soon after, my brother's friend lost his job due to the economic meltdown in the US! So, we just decided to get him to mail over the parcel through the US postal mail. That was in early December. We waited and waited but did not receive the parcel. 

After a couple of emails to his friend, we discovered that his friend has asked his wife to mail out the parcel but she completely forgot about it!!! Grrr... So, in January, his friend finally mailed out the parcel. Again, we waited and waited but there was no parcel! Finally, we gave up thinking that it might have got lost in the sea of mails that passes through US. :(

And then... when the last hope was extinguished, I came back home one day to see a parcel on my dining table....  And I was finally enlightened on why the parcel took over a month and a half to get to me... my brother's friend wrote the address wrongly!!

Well, I suppose I shouldn't complain... after all I did get what I wanted in the end!

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