Wednesday, February 18, 2009

VWAV's (Fava Beans &) Quinoa Croquettes and Corn Chowder

It was one of those days when I was out of inspiration and looked at VWAV for ideas. I decided upon the black eyed peas and quinoa croquettes with corn chowder since I had 5 ears of corn at home. Unfortunately, I realised I had only fava beans or kidney beans at home. So I decided to swap the black eyed peas for fava beans. This made a decent meal, something different from the usual fare but again I think I need to work on the spice level a bit to suit our taste. It makes a pretty presentation for parties though!

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WoodenBlogger said...

Hello There, I work for a history-based radio show in the US. There's an excellent picture of a multi-colored marble cake on your site, and I'm wondering if it would be all right if we posted it on our website.
We're doing a show about federalism, and one of the ways to describe the relationship between state and federal governments is "marble cake"... We'd credit it to you, if you like.
Let me know. All Best,
Rachel Quimby