Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ramen Noodles

I've always been intrigued by Japanese food. The emphasis on quality, details and aesthetics is rather amazing for me.  The simplicity of Japanese cuisine which allows the food to speak for itself is yet another reason why I like Japanese food very much. So, when I chanced upon fresh ramen noodles when on a grocery trip, I naturally purchased it. After doing a search online, I came to realise that ramen noodles is actually the Japanese version of instant noodles and it is mainly made with chicken, seafood or meat based broth. Luckily, miso is also used for the broth. 

So, I made a simple noodle base with miso and grilled some tempeh which was marinated in hoisin sauce and chilli powder. I also pan fried some dried red chillis and crushed it on top of the noodles as a garnish...

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