Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cook out with a dear friend :)

The first time I met Virginie was by chance when I was coming back from work. She was on her maiden visit to Singapore to visit her bf who I know through the VSS. We clicked really well even though it was a short chat and since then we had been emailing each other and keeping in touch. Virginie has an amazing blog on veganism and she is truly and inspiration for me. She's innovative, daring and makes really good food. So when she was back visiting in Singapore, we just knew that we had to spend some time in my kitchen cooking away :)

So we did a sharing of cuisines, and I made some Indian dishes like Sambar, dosai with tomato chutney and a sweet potato porridge. Virginie made a veg tart, zucchini pasta, stuffed eggplants with brown rice and also brought some watermelon juice and chopped figs which was to be made into a sorbet but unfortunately, the weather was unbearably hot that it did not freeze sufficiently. 

She also had some vegan meringue powder so we made our first vegan meringue. of course it did not taste anything like meringue but it was more like a crispy candy! But the possibilities are endless :)

The Overall Meal

Yummy Brown Rice Stuffed Eggplant 

Healthy and Delicious Vegetable Tart

Thosai with tomato Chutney

Zucchini Pasta - Two thumbs up!

Vegan Meringue

Watermelon 'Sorbet' with Figs... Super delish!

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Virginie Péan said...

Thanks again for the nice time we spent together. We did enjoyed this evening, and it was a yummy surprise to discover so many Indian dishes. I forgot to thank your mother for a contribution (I thought about it on the plane, but it was a bit too late...). Hope to meet you again soon.