Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A foodie trip to Malacca

Finally, my hubby G had an opportunity to review a hotel. So, after a quick packing of the bags, we headed down to Malacca on Saturday - not exactly the smartest thing to do considering that it was only the third day of CNY. 

 N-S highway up to Malacca was very smooth except for a huge jam in Malacca town itself which took us about an hour to clear. The hotel we stayed in is called Majestic Malacca (www.majesticmalacca.com) It is a really nice and beautiful hotel and at USD 200++ a night, it better be. Of course, for us it was sponsored. So that's great. The room we stayed in was so beautiful with an open concept bathroom and a huge bathtub. I'm hoping for something like this when we buy our new house! Sadly, we didn't have time to try the tub but it looked really pretty. 

After unpacking we had dinner with the Manager of the hotel, Mr Robert Hunter. He recommended the Nonya food but to both G and me it was quite so-so except for the chicken cincaluk which was made with fermented shrimps... not belachan but the other type that you can get from bottles. I guess we like our food a little bit more fiery. The dishes were quite mild in flavour. 
We also shared a bubor cha cha dessert that was made from gula melaka instead of the normal white 
sugar. It had bits of sweet potato in it and was fresh and delicious. It also had a very nice smoky flavour but the only downside was that it was a bit too sweet for my liking. But it was nice...

Next day we finally had a lovely meal with what they call the cascading breakfast. This is
not your normal buffet but they have a list of items you can choose from. This is good because there is no wastage and at the same time you receive a fresh batch of piping hot food. Hubby had egg omelette while I had scrambled eggs. It came with freshly made hashbrown topped with grilled tomatoes, chicken sausage and baked beans. The hashbrowns were very good as it was made in the hotel and not the frozen type that you get normally. They also serve really fresh watermelon and orange juice. Really yummy!

The picture on the left was a beautiful display of homemade jams they had - bitter orange marmalade, strawberry jam and pineapple jam. I just thought that the containers looked so elegant! 

I also had a chance to go for their one of a kind spa.. the only one in the world that uses Pernakan healing properties for treatments. Normally it costs 600RM per person but since I was reviewing the place it was free! 

After an invigorating time at the spa it was 
time for lunch! Since we were rushing back to Sg I ordered a club sandwich and G ordered a chicken burger. It was a very tasty meal topped off with chocolate mousse for dessert. G absolutely enjoyed his burger as he never had a chicken patty so huge! 

We were so excited about the chocolate mousse that we even forgot to take pics! Absolutely rich, chocolatey and divine! So you get to see the empty cups after we licked it clean! hahaha

In all, we had a very satisfying trip and if it is all paid for... We will definitely do it again! hehehe!


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