Wednesday, February 6, 2008

When you don't have anything at home....

My hubby asked me to make stir-fried instant noodles for dinner tonight and I have not done my grocery shopping in a very very long time. 
So, I scavenged around and found an onion, a packet of hot dogs, two tomatoes, half a carrot and a head of cabbage.
So, I made a very simple stir fry of it with some soya sauce, oyster sauce and freshly ground pepper.
I also had a never before craving to have bulls-eye with it (for the uninitiated it is fried egg with watery yolk) so I made that in my cute egg pan.
I don't even think this dish is worthy of a post much less a recipe. It is just a case of dumping everything together. My only lazy man tip is to add hot water to the stir fry and add the noodles together. Let the noodles soften in the wok together with the seasoning and vegetables. Usually, I know most people will boil the noodles separately... Like I said.. I'm lazy and hungry so didn't have time to take a good pic.


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