Sunday, February 17, 2008

Good old choc cake n a juice...

I hadn't baked for a very long time and that is cos' (like I said before) I don't have a convectional oven even though my MW is suppose to double as one. This is cos' the heat comes from the side and not the top and bottom so the cake does not bake well. 
So, I came across this wonderful recipe for steamed choc cake that had been getting rave reviews at kitchen capers (you definitely need to check it out), and so I decided to try it out. I used my wok to do it and through out the entire steaming process I was so worried that the cake is not gonna turn out great cos I don't have a full fledged proper steamer. Fortunately, the recipe seems quite idiot-proof and it turned out to be a pretty yummy cake. Especially so after I kept it in the fridge.. it tasted like sara lee pound cake... yum! The recipe can be found here

The next day was Friday and I didn't cook anything cos' G is vegetarian on Fridays and mum will usually cater for the whole family.. So instead, I made a orange-pineapple juice using canned pineapple and oranges (left over from CNY)... both which had been lying around for a bit. It's pretty easy, I just deseeded some mandarin oranges (left the white bits on for morefibre), added some chunked pineapples (draining away the syrup) and pureed it the mixture with my handheld blender. It was a little sweet even after adding ice cubes. Could have been better if I blended the ice together.. For that I would have to lug my big blender out which I was not interested in.....It was quite tasty... but G founded a tad too thick for him. I think he would have preferred it strained.. but I'm not gonna get rid of the fibre!

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Lady Vanilla said...

Glad you like the steam chocolate cake :) note that this steam chocolate cake can also be steam into a little cupcake moulds

Anita aka Dralion