Monday, December 15, 2008

3 types of noodles...

This month has been one of little inspirations. Partly because I have been so busy baking that I didn't have much time to think about food. So, I just relied on good old noodles. Here, there are three types of noodles that I made. Somehow noodles work because it is a one dish meal with all the vegetables and carbohydrates that you need! 

This is a 'traditional' sort of yellow noodles with mock char siew, beans sprouts and chye sim. Too bad, home stoves are not hot enough to create the 'wok's breath'.

This was a lazy noodle dish using the non-fried instant noodles that comes without seasoning. I crumbled some tofu in it to give the feeling of scrambled egg. Made with yellow bell peppers and beans sprouts.
This was made with an egg plant / brinjal that I bought on a whim at Sheng Siong. Not knowing what to do and having to hide it from my husband who doesn't like brinjals, I sliced it thinly and added it to the noodles. Somehow it softened and absorbed the flavours well and hubby ate it all up! I suppose this is one way to fool children to eat their veges!

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Ganga said...

You do realise that I read your blog right?

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