Saturday, December 27, 2008

Vegan Shortbread....

I had a box of self raising flour sitting in my shelf for a while now and I happen to chance upon a recipe by gluten-free food manufacturer Orgran. It was a recipe for shortbread that not only used self raising flour but also melted butter. (So easily veganise) So, I got to work and it was really easy and simple that it would be a perfect recipe for children to muck about in as well. And there is no worries about them eating the 'raw dough' as it does not contain eggs and such.

Working with the dough

Waiting to be baked...
Acquiring their delicious crispiness

Vegan Shortbread (Adapted from Orgran's Everday Health Magazine)

325 g self-raising flour
60 g plain flour
220 g non-diary margarine/oil
180 g icing sugar


1) Sift all the dry ingredients together.
2) Melt non-diary margarine in a big enough pot to contain all ingredients. If using oil, proceed to next step.
3) Once melted and cooled, add dry ingredients to melted margarine/oil and stir with a wooden spoon to combine. Knead for about a minute to combine. (The dough should be soft but not sticky - add a tiny bit of self-raising flour if you find yours sticky)
4) Roll out to about 0.5 cm thickness, cut out into desired shapes. 
5) Bake in a lined/non-stick pan for 20 mins at 150 degree celcius.
6) Enjoy!


Cookie said...

Hi Halimah,

I hope you don't mind me linking your blog to mine.

Happy holidays!

Cookie said...

Oops... some sentences were accidentally "backspace" by me:

I like the plain simple look of the shortbread. Is it very crumbly?

BTW, I find that cookie recipe is the easiest to veganised! Have fun!


Halimah said...

I was worried it will be crumbly because it uses SR flour, but surprisingly no, it held very well together. I even dropped some on the floor and it didn't crack... Haha! It was crispy rite off the oven and the next day developed a softer feel to it. Overall, it is a good recipe to make modifications like Chocolate chips, orange zest etc....

No worries about linking my blog. It's a pleasure! And happy hols to u too :D

Alj said...

Hello, where can I find vegan choc chips in Sg. I've totally got no idea where to get them.

Cookie said...

I also find that some of my cookies develop a soft feel after a day or so. I actually prefer crunchy cookie. When you find a way to overcome this, can you pls share the "secret"!

Anonymous said...

Hi Halimah,

Is it a melt-in-the-mouth kind of cookie?


Halimah said...

Hi Alannia,

Thanks for dropping by. It's been sometime now and I can't really remember how the texture was. The only thing was that since I used non-diary margarine, I was not quite pleased with the taste. But I think if you were to use butter, there won't be this problem.

I dun remember having any issues with the texture. Maybe you might want to try a small portion and see if you like it?

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Will give ity a try soon, I hope :)