Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend of Birthday Cakes

It just happened... Suddenly I was swarmed with last minute orders for birthday cakes! E wanted a very chocolatey cake and I made her one with 60% chocolate mousse cake with roasted almonds for the coating. So far, I think it is the prettiest cake I have made. :)
And I received a very last minute order from G, a birthday cake for himself and his gf. He wanted something fruity and I made him a mango cake with a nice mango pudding in the middle and fresh mango on top. Of cos' I think there is still some way to go to improve on my cake decorating skill! 


Virginie Péan said...

They are so beautiful ! I'd like to eat such cakes for my birthday.
PS : you'll get some tonka beans early in January, I promise you. Please, ask me if you'd like to taste anything else french.

Halimah said...

Virgine, please come back to SG and I will cook and bake for you with pleasure :D

Rei said...

Nah.. these 2 cakes are beautiful! I like the way the mango cake looks. :D

Cookie said...

Hi Halimah, I like the way the mango sauce tickles down the cake!


Virginie Péan said...

That's an attractive invitation Halimah ! If I come back, I hope we'll take time to cook together anyway.
I send you an email about our mutual orders.

Halimah said...

Hi Rei Rei,

my cakes dun compare to yours at all! Ur cakes are a world of its own :)

Cookie, its quite easy actually, I just put some mango puree in a piping bag, cut a tiny hole and let it drip from the edge of the cake downwards. Drop by drop until it trickles down. Then I 'hide' the top by piping cream on edges of the cake so that you can't see the start of the mango puree.

Do I make sense?

Cookie said...

Yep, thanks for sharing the method. I will find a chance to make this, hopefully soon.

Have a great day!

Cookie said...

Hi Halimah,

I tried to do the trickling design on my dad's birthday cake, using melted chocolate instead. The choc hardens as soon as it touches the chilled cake. Haha :-)

Thanks for teaching me the way in anycase!