Monday, December 8, 2008

Roasted Beets!

After the success of the mashed potatoes, my brother requested that I repeat the same feat again! Since I did not have much ingredients at home except for two innocent looking beets, I decided to make some roasted rosemary beets with a serving of mashed potatoes and stir fried peas and enoki mushrooms (Yes, I know, what a weird combo!) The beets cut a pretty picture on the aluminum foil, the ruby red glistening in the light coating of olive oil. Both my brother and I enjoyed munching on it raw and I think it would have made quite a decent juice as well. However, after roasting, I felt that the it muted the sweetness and earthiness of the beets though. Next time, I will probably try cutting them into strips and stir frying them.


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Hi Donata,

It was tastier raw than cooked I would think! I got the recipe from here