Sunday, May 10, 2009

Breakfast Boost - Avocado and Strawberry Smoothie

My mum bought some avocados for me and so I decided to make some avocado smoothie with some leftover strawberries which were threatening to go bad. So I pureed the avocado with some soy milk and chopped up the strawberries and layered it with the avocado. In between the layers, I sweetened with some lingonberry sauce given to me by a friend from Sweden. In all, it looked so beautiful and was simple to do! I particularly love the pic at the bottom. It's my fav pic so far!


VeganLush said...

Wow, how did that taste? I've heard a lot about using avocado in sweet applications, but I've never seen a smoothie with them!

Halimah said...

Hi VeganLush,

I add a tiny bit of sugar or maple syrup and it tastes really really good. Avocados are used extensively in Indonesia to make sweet drinks with coconut milk. I made mine by just blending one avocado with a bit of soy milk. It's creamy and mild tasting and very light on the mouth. It's amazing and definitely worth a try!

Virginie Péan said...

A good idea to use the lingonberries jam. Have you heard about another Indonesian drink mixing avocado and coffee ? I discovered it recently. At first it's quite strange, and quickly it is just... delicious.