Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another Rice Meal for Lunch

I loved the steamed kailan I had yesterday and I wanted to eat it again. The best way to eat it would be with some rice, so I decided to make some rice with it. To kill two birds in one stone, I made some tofu sambal with lots of gravy so that dinner can be something simple like prata or bread with sambal. I also experimented with some enoki mushrooms that I had at home, stir frying them with some curry leaves and tumeric. Turned out quite nice except that it ended up a little watery. I should have used some corn flour to thicken it. 

Asparagus with baby corn

Curried Enoki with silken tofu

Steamed Kailan with Garlic-Oyster Sauce

Tofu-Potato Sambal


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