Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pretty Vegan Cuppies... and more noodles...

I finally made vanilla cupcakes with real vanilla beans... and errmm... I don't get what the excitement is all about actually.... for one... I don't quite like the real vanilla bean smell.. it smells kinda intoxicating and gives me a headache! And in terms of the flavour in the cake... I couldn't smell it at all! So, I really don't know if I'm doing it all wrong or what the hoohaa is all about... The ones above were frosted with non-diary whipping cream... not vegan at all... (I have the recipe for vegan buttercream but have been procrastinating.. in case it fails)
So finally today, I decided to bake a batch of choc cupcakes and do some cookies n cream frosting... The texture of the frosting is good but I found it a little sweet for my liking... G thinks it me... but I think the flavour should stand out more than the sweetness... hrmm.. needs a little tweaking... I also feel that my piping skills need a lot of work to reach the more commercial standards... now... it looks rather amateurish. However, the real icing on the cake for me was when I gave some of these cuppies to my tuition kid. His mum was puzzled and wondered why I bought them some cupcakes.. I told her I made them myself and she was very surprised because she said they looked really nice! Yeah!

Lately, my posts have been quite vegan oriented.... G and I are now moving towards vegetarianism. I think for me it is really for ethical reasons... I don't want to support industries that farm animals in poor and abusive conditions just so that we can consume them. I also feel that I have little control over what goes into my meat, i.e., all the hormones, antibodies and crap that they feed animals... So, we are going vege-friendly.... So, I made some vegetarian beehon last night.... very yummy and super easy... no more pesky waiting for meat to cook... heck... if these dishes are undercooked.. you get more nutrition!


Sharmila William said...

yr beehoon looks really really good.my mouth is watering.*slurp*
anyway tried the oyster sauce noodles n it was very nice.thk u for sharin the recipe.n thk u for yr comment on my blog.its much appreciated.

Cookie said...

Hi Halimah,

I salute to you going vegetarian! I also share your views about the suffering of the animals and have been making an effort to consume less meat.

If only we can have our free-ranging hens in our backyard to provide all the eggs we need for our baking :-)

Halimah said...

Hi Cookie,

Thanks for your kind words! There are so many people out there who actually do so much more than I do. It's great that you feel that way too... every bit counts! Take care and good luck in finding something that works for you and ur family.

Nice blog u have by the way :)