Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Finally... Cooking for Two....

Even though hubby and I have decided to become vegetarian, we still ate a lot at my mum's place for the sheer convenience of it... Of course, being an omni it was not easy for her to cater to us and there were times when we had to cook simply at home with whatever scraps of vegetable I had. 
Finally, last Saturday, we went to Giant and I loaded up on lots and lots of vegetables so that I can cook at home without worrying about not having enough ingredients. It helped that Mum and Dad left for holidays yesterday and will only be back in another 5 weeks time.
So yesterday, hubby and I had to go down to shenton way area and we had lunch in Komalas... We finally ate a vege burger, and we were quite happy after that...having satisfied our burger craving. 
For dinner, I decided to make Cashew Rice with potatoes and a marinated tofu stir fry. It was really delicious and both of us polished off the food! I used pre-washed baby potatoes for the Cashew Rice and did not peel the skin. We got to have extra fibre and it still tasted delicious. To increase the calorie content I also used some frozen mixed vegetables. Ever since we turned vegetarian, we have been getting hungry really really fast, so I'm now toying with calorie-dense food - like nuts, potatoes, to help us out a little.
 The marinated tofu with vegetables was also exceptionally good. I got the recipe from here. I made some modifications based on what I had at home but I did marinate the tofu for over an hour in dark soy sauce and them I lightly fried it in oil. (Not particularly easy to do because the soy sauce will caramelise). I also substituted the vegetables for carrots, green leafy vege and cabbage. I topped it off with spring onions which I think added a real nice taste and kick to it! Yum....
Today for lunch I decided to make some soupy noodles since we have not had anything soupy for some time. I made a vegetable noodle soup. There's no name for it... Just a bunch of vegetables and some silken tofu in noodles. One thing I am proud of was the number of vegetables that went into this dish - I used tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, green leafy vege, enoki mushrooms, onions and tofu. 
Again to increase the calorie count, I made some mashed potato patties with some frozen mixed vegetables, pepper and cumin. I also did not remove the skin because I was using pre-washed baby potatoes, (it will be a pain to remove the skin) but it tasted great! Hubby polished everything off... I managed to get two pieces before it vanished. 

Of course, one of the thing that I am worried about is that right now, I'm mostly doing tutoring and have a lot of time at home... but once I start working full time again, I wonder if I will have the time to produce my own food... I've never been a fan of eating out and sadly a lot of vege food uses mock meat and oily vegetables.. which I think is abuse to the body... Well, only time will tell how things play out! 

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