Sunday, November 9, 2008

Can Food... and some Mashed Potatoes

It was one of those days when I did not have much groceries at home. I had to turn to can food for salvation which I'm not particularly proud off! However, I managed to make it 'mine' by adding in some stuff. For the baked beans, I sauteed some garlic and onion in the oil and added a good pinch of dried basil and pepper to the baked beans. I had the odd head of broccoli, so I decided to open up a can of straw mushrooms with that. I just simply sauteed it with some garlic and crushed dried chilli. The only seasoning was salt. 

I also had about 5 potatoes which were starting to grow shoots, so I decided to put them into good use by steaming them and mashed them into a smooth paste. I sneaked in about a tbsp of nutritional yeast, garlic powder, salt, black pepper and some water (I was out of all sorts of milk!) Then I layered it with some cheese slices and baked in the oven until the top browned. Somehow the combination of potato, nutritional yeast and garlic powder evoked a very chicken stock flavour. It was the hit among the 3 dishes :) 


thebabycat said...

'Dragon Horse' at Albert Centre Temporary Market sells flavourful dried straw mushrooms. :)

Eunice said...

mmmmmmmmmm!! it still looks lovely! I want to make this for lunch too :D

did you just go veg? btw?

Halimah said...

Hey baby cat, time to go back to dear 'dragon horse' to stock up on nuts as well :)

Hey Eunice, nice seeing u after a very very long time! Hope u r doing well, yeaps I've been veg since may and turned to a complete lacto veg recently :)

thebabycat said...

Maybe they'll give you discounts now that you are a celebrity chef hehe! :)

Virginie Péan said...

Thanks for your comment. If you can't find Tonka bean, tell me. I will bring some for you next time I meet my Amoureux.