Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not-so-Vegan but Awesome Spinach Pizza

My brother had been bugging me to make pizza for him and I was tired of the same old topping of green peppers, mushrooms, olives and tomatoes. After looking up vegetarian pizza online, I came across this recipe. I used the topping suggestion with my standard pizza crust recipe which is to me fail-proof if you are using yeast that is alive! 

Unfortunately, since I picked up the ingredients at the neighbourhood NTUC, I could not find soy cheese, so had to end up with Mozzarella. Just as luck would have it, I also had sun-dried tomatoes at home that I bought from Mustafa, so I pretty much had all the ingredients. After a quick par-bake of the crust, the topping was piled on and it looked so beautiful with the green spinach leaves acting as a bed for the topping of sunny yellow peppers, sliced broccoli, olives and tomatoes. I just had to snap a couple of pictures, for it felt that I was in some country home baking wholesome pizza for my family! Needless to say, everyone at home loved it and the three of us polished off a pan of wholesome goodness with delicious vegetables!


Anonymous said...

Mamamia, Bella!

Eunice said...


I'm going to try this. man! your blog is full of things that are so yummmying that I can actually make to eat! not too fancy schmancy, and a nice break from desserts (the only thing I've been making..haha)

Halimah said...

Eunice, ur blog is fantastic and the pics are exquisite! Mine is just a simple everyday home cooking :)