Sunday, November 2, 2008

Guest Chef at World Vegan Day

Food #03, a vegetarian eatery has a guest chef programme. I was invited on the 1st of November to be a guest chef to commemorate World Vegan Day. I made green tea, mango, choc-vanilla and coconut-lime cupcakes for this event. However, I did experience a series of kitchen disasters! The first batch of green tea deflated on me! And by the time I finished doing the mango cupcakes it was four in the morning. Since it was made with a pudding centre I wanted to keep it in the fridge. Guess what! In the process I toppled the entire thing and it was four in the morning! I screamed so loud that my hubby woke up. In the end, he cleaned up the huge frosting mess and I sat there stoned and stunned! Without knowing what to do, I decided to sleep and do another batch in the morning! However, it was a fantastic opportunity to meet up with friends and make new friends as well! Thanks peep for coming down to support!

Strawberry Cupcakes with a dash of colour to the frosting (for an earlier order by Food #03)
Vanilla-Choc Marble Cupcake with V-C frosting
Mango Cupcakes again but with a slight variation to the frosting (contains mango pudding)
Green Tea Cupcake with Green Tea Frosting
Coconut Cupcakes with Lime Frosting

Customer enjoying the cupcake
Me (with barely four hours of sleep) with customer
My Lunch - Laksa Pesto Linguine 
My hubby's lunch - Black Pepper Linguine
Some of my amazing friends!
More of my amazing friends! I'm so blessed to have met them :)


Edanator said...

Looks great, Halimah! I was too late to join you, but I had Fang Qi to bring me three of your lovely creations. He he! Thanks!

mustardseed said...

I ate the marble cupcake! In about ten seconds flat. How do you make that chocolate vanilla frosting anyway?

Halimah said...


Heard that u were super 'busy' with ur special lady... have fun yah! :)

Hey Mel, the secret lies with Isa! I got a lot of my inspiration from her small cutesy book!

Eunice said...

Halimah! Amazing! :D Are there any eggs in the cupcakes then?

is it buttercream? :)

Halimah said...

Hi Eunice, no egg or diary (butter, milk etc) Instead I rely on leaving agents and oil to substitute the butter.

Also, the 'butter cream' is not made from butter! :D

Virginie Péan said...

Délicieux ! Cupcakes are not very common in France and have become trendy for just a few months. I bought Isa's book to know how they taste, but have never been able to follow one single recipe (always change the ingredients). I really enjoyed having guenine ones, thanks.